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Everything has its starting point, and its own story, and just like that the annual cultural fest of MIT World Peace University, Aarohan, has its own beginning and a unique story. Aarohan had its outset in the year 2014, founded by a group of passionate and spirited individuals at MIT College of Engineering. By the students, for the students is what Aarohan believes in and that's what makes it exceptional. We feel honored and privileged to host magnificent events such as Pronite, Comedy Nite, Theatre fest, and Youtuber fest along with various Cultural competitions for the young artists to provide them with a platform that is cultured, artistically inspired, and graceful. Throughout its legacy of 10 years, Aarohan has strived to set a new standard every year. Aarohan is a moment to live in, a time to remember, and a place to thrive in.
Our Theme:
In the infinite expanse of contradicting possibilities, Pixelheim is a fictitious realm of human history devoid of war and strife. The everlasting peace yielded accelerated development of both tech and philosophy. In Pixelheim, where detailing is abstraction and abstraction is detailing, Pixelation is idealized to the extent that even Van Gogh's Starry Night and Da Vinci's Mona Lisa are Pixelated. Similarly, games belonging in the arcades, and old-school consoles like Gameboys, and NES are still highly relevant in the entire culture based around it. This year, Aarohan dives into this fictitious neon-rich and futuristically retro world as our theme.













The grandest fest of Pune, MIT WPU Aarohan marks a 11 years of culture and tradition with its most monumental rendition yet. Boasting multiple competitions and events with esteemed guests of honor as well as judges, Aarohan stays true to its name and raises the bar year after year. The youthful and enthusiastic crowd sets an scintillating atmosphere that encapsulates the true essence of college life. The fest is by the students, for the students as each and every aspect of the event from the financing, management, designing, and decoration is handled by the students themselves. This promotes holistic personality development of the students while inculcating productivity, time management, decision making and discipline in them. Meanwhile, the entire fest is a non profitable event, as all the funds are utilised to facilitate the participants and the audience with no intent of financial gain. With events like Run For A Cause (Marathon), MIT WPU Aarohan gives back to the society by utilising all of its proceedings to charity, in sponsoring the education of the underprivileged children. Blood Donation and Tree Plantation drives are some of the camps organised to spread awareness about social issues, widening the net positive social footprint of Aarohan. To an invigorating and vibrant fest, we cordially invite you.

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